Added Value

AGV specialist

AGV International is one of the first AGV providers that develops AGV total solutions for the production and logistics market. This extensive experience has led to successful total solutions and substantial cost reductions.

Reducing process costs!

Whereas in the past investments were discussed and ‘cost of ownership’, AGV International went a step further. The goal in realizing every AGV solution is to achieve substantial and immediate reduction of your costs. By applying smarter solutions, process costs are reduced and guaranteed on the basis of established KPIs and SLAs.

Other added values:

  • With our AGVs you have the whole process flawless and completely in your own hands
  • Our AGVs and associated service can be used 24 hours a day
  • Your process runs well at once
  • Our AGVs do not have an unnecessary break
  • They do not cause damage to products, shelving, machines and buildings
  • The system generates a high degree of customer satisfaction – reliability

Wie is AGV International?

Reduce process costs by deploying AGVs

Many companies with logistical or production logistics processes struggle with the question: is an AGV solution the answer? Or: how much can be saved by the use of AGV solutions?

AGV possibilities

  • Easy from A to B
  • Fully automatic warehouse
  • Dual Drive + solutions
  • Tailored AGV systems

Save from day one

Operational lease and Full Service offers your organization the opportunity to save immediately. Fixed monthly rates give your company a transparent insight. You know exactly where you stand and the reduction in total costs is immediately noticeable.

100% independent

AGV International is an independent supplier that works together with reputable producers and software suppliers. Because of this AGV International is able to deliver custom work in every application.

AGV site survey – know where you stand!

Are you considering automating your production or logistics process? Then use our AGV site survey. On the basis of a Site Survey we take stock of your (logistic) process and advise you on the direct benefits for your organization.

Certainties in advance

An intelligent AGV solution is designed to reduce your total process costs. That is why we also offer guarantees on the results achieved with our AGV solutions. Security and transparency tailored to your KPIs.