AGV Total solution

The intelligent AGV solutions that we devise, develop and implement ensure a guaranteed reduction of your operational process costs. Whether it concerns simple AGVs, fully automated or AGVs including Dual Drive + solutions, AGV International is the AGV specialist!

Highest possible storage capacity

AGV International is able to use the highest possible storage capacity for you within the maximum available number of cubic meters. We can optimize storage of goods and products with a deep stock per SKU through AGV-controlled trucks including automatically controlled shuttles.

With this solution we can store and store countless pallets for you with just a minimum number of aisles. Because you can work with a minimum number of operators, 24/7, you will make remarkable savings.
At the same time you achieve optimal storage capacities from the existing or new building space. Ask us about our other benefits!

Who is AGV International?

Reduce process costs by deploying AGVs

Many companies with logistical or production logistics processes struggle with the question: is an AGV solution the answer? Or: how much can be saved by the use of AGV solutions?

AGV possibilities

  • Easy from A to B
  • Fully automatic warehouse
  • Dual Drive + solutions
  • Tailored AGV systems

Intake / Site Survey

With every new AGV project we make an extensive AGV site survey of the situation. We visit your location and we thoroughly discuss your wishes and objectives. At the same time, we look carefully at your situation to map out practical (im)possibilities in advance. And we give advice about the possibilities.


After agreement, the AGVs are taken into production. This production consists of: producing the vehicle and writing the required software for your situation. We brief our specialists and guide them in this production process to achieve the desired result that suits you. After the realization of the vehicles and the software functionalities, the final phase starts: the implementation at your location.

Concept Design Phase

After the site survey, the design includes a complete report. With all influential elements included. The design fits seamlessly into your internal logistics and / or production environment. Once the functional design (the AGV-architecture) has been approved, this design will be translated into a detailed design and implementation will begin.

Site Acceptance Test

Then, in practice, it is tested whether the software and vehicles are properly tuned to each other. Small deviations may come to light here, so that we can get the AGVs 100% reliable with qualitative tests.