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Tailor-made WMS

Our solutions can be equipped with a so-called TCS (Transport Control System). This system ensures efficient vehicle transport, resulting in an optimum number of trucks for you.

Tailor-made AGV

The intelligent AGV solutions that we devise, develop and implement ensure a guaranteed reduction of your operational process costs within your organization.

Integrated solution

There are many solutions offered in the market where automation is central. We pay particular attention to your process.

Tailor-made production

AGV International is a specialist in the field of automatically controlled vehicles. Our years of experience and professional service network enables us to automate simple and complex logistics processes.

AGV International

More and more companies automate their logistic processes! This leads to efficiency leaps and eventually reduces the total costs. Whether it is about fully automated AGV’s or semi automated Dual Drive+ solutions, AGV International is the AGV-specialist!

What can automation bring you?

Do you want to know whether our AGVs can also automate your processes?

Our AGV's

Below you can see some examples of robots that we have built for our customers.

AGV International is based in:

The Netherlands

Steenbakkerij 19
2913LJ Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
Telefoonnummer: +31 (0) 180-397514


AGVI India Private LTD
Karnataka-KA 560083


Start automating today

Work faster and more efficiently because of our systems

Is your logistic process efficient?

  • Do you know how much you can save on your costs?
  • Do you know that 70% of your logistic process can be ¬†automated?
  • Do you know what your profit will be, on a yearly basis?

Added Value

AGV International is the specialist in the field of automated guided vehicles. Our many years of experience and professional service network, makes it possible to us to automate simple projects as well as complex logistics processes. Herewith your Total Costs of Process are significantly reduced!

  • Reduction of costs
  • Certainties in advance
  • Real-time insight into operation, flow and stock