The iCUBE is an innovative warehouse automation solution, designed with flexibility and modularity in mind.

What sets the iCUBE apart from other warehouse automation systems, is the fact that the iCUBE offers the advantage of full automation while also using less machines and thus people, compared to other systems.

The iCUBE manages all pallet movements using only 3D carriers and lifts.

All machine and pallet movements are automatically controlled using our advanced Warehouse Control Software (WCS).

The intelligent WCS allows the operator to perform large amounts of tasks, which are automatically managed according to priority and without the operator having to operate the machines manually. The iCUBE only requires 3D carriers and elevators to function fully automatically, which means no expensive and unreliable chain or other roll mechanisms are required for each row. Because the 3D carriers and lifts use their own sensors for movement and safety reasons, no other sensors are needed in the warehouse.

The iCUBE is one of the few warehouse automation systems that can be implemented in existing warehouses, as well as in new buildings or phased extensions.

Both racking and automation can be adjusted in stages, allowing capacity changes and throughput to be tailored to customer needs.