AGV International supplies some “semi” AGV solutions, in addition to the possible deliveries of various automated warehouse total solutions and AGVs. Think of The Beatle Box transporters which in large numbers can automatically transport your boxes with products of up to 40KG

We are also able to supply you autonomous MiR 100 AGVs that can function stand alone or in a fleet in virtually any layout and application. We allow the MiR 100 AGV to scan your environment independently and the AGV will make its own choices in order to prevent downtime. The MiR 100 AGV independently finds its way from your pick up locations to your drop off locations.

Who is AGV International?

Reduce process costs by deploying AGVs

Many companies with logistical or production logistics processes struggle with the question: is an AGV solution the answer? Or: how much can be saved by the use of AGV solutions?

AGV possibilities

  • Easy from A to B
  • Fully automatic warehouse
  • Dual Drive + solutions
  • Tailored AGV systems

The MiR 100 autonomous ROBOMOVERS

The MiR Robomovers are easy to expand with ready-installed. It’s also easy to program 6 axis robot arms. The robot arms are available in 3 variants. Respectively 3, 5 and 10 kg load capacity with a range up to 1,300 mm.

These pragmatic and sustainable AGV solutions can give you substantial savings from the first operational day.