Robo movers

Robot arms
We are happy to assemble our available industrial 6-axis robot arms for the AGVs. Here you can choose from different variants. The UR3, 5 and 10. These have a load capacity of 3, 5 or 10 KG respectively. The reach of the robot arms contributes up to 1,300mm.

The completely installed robot arms can be easily and directly programmed.

The robot arms can be expanded and converted into all kinds of industrial production disciplines. We are happy to help you integrate our AGVs with robot arms in your production process so that you are error-free, predictable and continuously operational and productive at the lowest possible cost.

Robo Mover

Who is AGV International?

Reduce process costs by deploying AGVs

Many companies with logistical or production logistics processes struggle with the question: is an AGV solution the answer? Or: how much can be saved by the use of AGV solutions?

AGV possibilities

  • Easy from A to B
  • Fully automatic warehouse
  • Dual Drive + solutions
  • Tailored AGV systems