An extensive project such as an AGV solution is only meaningful for you if it means that the total process costs can be reduced. This is also our starting point for the realization of AGV solutions: the actual reduction of the total process costs.
Automating your production or logistics process will result in savings in all cases. Processes become more efficient and reliable, errors and unnecessary damage are prevented. This often replaces labor-intensive human actions.

Certainties at KPI-level

With all AGV solutions we realize, we make transparent agreements in advance about the expected results. Because of this you immediately know where you stand and what savings you can expect at a minimum.

Who is AGV International?

Reduce process costs by deploying AGVs

Many companies with logistical or production logistics processes struggle with the question: is an AGV solution the answer? Or: how much can be saved by the use of AGV solutions?

AGV possibilities

  • Easy from A to B
  • Fully automatic warehouse
  • Dual Drive + solutions
  • Tailored AGV systems